Training Teens to Live for Christ

At CCBC, we place an emphasis on families. That is why we endeavor to ensure that each member of your family has a place where they can learn more about God's Word with people their own age.

We know that the teenage years are formative ones, where your children and quickly becoming the adults that they will one day be. Our Teen Group seeks to provide an environment where your teenagers can learn to become Godly adults and can build friendships with other teens.

The teens meet in their own Sunday School class each Sunday at 10AM, as well as in a Bible Study on Wednesdays at 7PM.

Every year the teens attend summer camp at Fort Faith Baptist Camp in Morley, MI, as well as several Youth Conferences at churches of like faith during the non-summer months. Once a month, the teens have a group activity where they eat, play games, and have a short devotional.

For any other questions regarding our youth group, or to ask about helping with the youth group, please speak with Bro. Lewis Gaddie or Bro. Chad Rushton.